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49. SCOTLAND (Knoydart Peninsula,  November 2001)

The official certificate says our place of marriage was
Latitude 57°02’27N, Longitude 5°43’52W.
Simple numbers telling the story of a rugged Knoydart hillside,
overlooking Skye,
twixt Heaven and Hell,
surrounded with joy.
On a late autumn morning, colours saturated from weeks of rain.
And a shaft of startling sunlight pierced the clouds.



The Knoydart Peninsula juts out into the sea between Loch Hourn (meaning hell) to the north, and Loch Nevis (heaven) to the south.


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26. Malaysia (The Pinnacles, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak)

Four days jungle walking

I creep out at night for a pee,
crouching over the steaming leaf mould
(it’s raining).

A hundred scrawny, starving leeches
LEAP to attention,
their infrared sensors focussed single-mindedly on my warm bum
(still raining).

The race is on: first to the finish line wins!



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