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16. The Philippines (Manila)

Call it research.
Sex workers learning how to protect themselves from HIV.
A client calls – I’m hurriedly bundled in amidst the girls.
He hesitates on his slow inspection, eyeing me speculatively.
‘Not this one’ says the brothel owner.
Cool as anything.
Not me: I’m all sweaty relief and bug eyes!



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6. Malawi (2004)

The red dust rose around the plain wooden box
as the coffin-maker finished his work
at the side of the road into Blantyre.

Competition for scarce wood was fierce
in Malawi’s only growth industry,
ruling out the fancy decorations of old.
Perfunctory maybe,
but Michael’s carpentry held spirits in thrall.


Coffin Maker outside his workshop, Malawi (image by Rob Noble, courtesy of international HIV/AIDS charity, AVERT: www.avert.org)

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